As a pilot my self esteem and confidence are at very high levels. This energy is manifested in my exuberance in meeting the daily challenges of my demanding job. With electrotherapy I lost 80 pounds in 4 months, with no sagging skin.

Bernie W.

I am 23 and I have lost 40 pounds with electrotherapy. I have dropped from a 33 in. waist size to a 30in. waist! I am feeling great and I’m still losing weight!

Chris E.

The reason I started this program is to get motivated again to lose more weight. I did the program for 10 weeks and lost 30 pounds and 10cm from chest, 15cm from waist and 17cm from bottom. I found the treatment relaxing and the way I felt after each treatment was relaxed and sleepy. I found the treatment built muscle and got rid of fluid.The program has changed my life.

Mellisa B.